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Cohabiting Couples and Their Preferences


New Survey Explores the “Moving In Together” Milestone

In many relationships, moving in together is a milestone. It’s a time for reflection on what came before and hope for what lies ahead. Then it’s time to get real and figure out what’s going on the walls, who’s working the broom and where you can find sheer curtains that really tie the rooms together.

To gain insight into this storied life event, we conducted a survey and took a peek behind the wonderfully affordable curtains of 500 cohabitators. What we found is fascinating.




Our research unearthed many insights into men’s and women’s opinions on cohabitating. Want to know the top two challenges of cohabitation? Here’s a hint: Men and women actually agree on both! Sharing a bathroom and sharing chore duties were the most challenging elements of living together.

What about consolidating stuff when you first move in together? Men believe they give up more stuff than their partners do, and women believe the same thing! Both sexes, too, are turned on by similar cohabitating traits. Men and women boast an identical top-three turn-on list: having a big bed, swank furniture and a nice TV. Where they differ is in rounding out the top five; women prefer their partners to be pet and washer/dryer owners, men prefer their partners to stock up on healthy food and have a high-quality computer.

As for challenges in cohabitation, they tend to differ generationally. Boomers, Gen X, and millennials possess varied opinions on a host of cohabitation topics: dishes, laundry, cleaning, cooking, TV and more.

For boomers, the biggest turnoffs upon cohabitating are their partners’ cheap furniture and excess of grooming products. For Gen X, it’s an uncomfortable bed and a hoard of stuffed animals. For millennials, it’s a smelly drain and an insistence on roommates.

Millennials also pace each group in a particular complaint: Millennial men, more than any other surveyed segment, point to sharing food as the top cohabitating challenge.