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Faux Silk/Suede Curtains

If your room is missing a little something extra, then try looking into faux silk or suede curtains for that slight pop of color and texture.

Faux silk panels have a sheen finish that adds a subtle luminescence to a room. In addition to its beautiful aesthetics, faux silk curtains are cheaper and more durable, which makes them able to withstand elemental damage from the sun better than real silk. It offers a little privacy while still allowing enough sunlight through to light up your room.

If you do not want any of that shine, suede panels may be the right choice. They hang just as beautifully as faux silk panels, and they add a beautiful matte finish to any room. Suede curtains are thicker and are useful for any rooms that can get particularly cold in the winter or hot in the summer. Its weightiness can help block out sunlight and keep heat in.

Whether you have a modern or traditional style room or are just looking for functionality with a little style, faux silk curtains or faux suede are a great addition. Here at Moshells, we have a vast color and style selection for any faux silk and suede window treatment needs at an everyday low price that will suit your needs.