How to Stage Your Home on a Budget

Master bedroom staged for an open house

Staging is a process that involves preparing your home for selling. It is the process of making your home look its best so that it can sell faster and for more money. There are many benefits to staging your home, including: Making it easier to sell Increasing the value of your home Decreasing the time … Read more

Cohabitating Couples and Their Preferences

Man and woman hugging in the entryway of their house

Cohabitation is a new way of living in which people live together with their significant other. People who cohabitate are called co-habitators. Cohabitators are more likely to have a better relationship than those who don’t live together with their significant other. Cohabiting couples also have higher levels of satisfaction, commitment, and love for each other … Read more

When to Clean Parts of Your Home

Woman vacuuming a tan area rug

It’s important to clean different parts of your home for various reasons. For example, you should vacuum and dust your living room and bedroom every day to keep them fresh and free of allergens.  The kitchen should be cleaned every day to prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause illness. It’s also important to … Read more