Cohabitating Couples and Their Preferences

Cohabitation is a new way of living in which people live together with their significant other.

People who cohabitate are called co-habitators. Cohabitators are more likely to have a better relationship than those who don’t live together with their significant other. Cohabiting couples also have higher levels of satisfaction, commitment, and love for each other than couples who don’t live together before marriage.

Cohabitation is becoming more popular among young adults as it can help them save money and has been shown to be beneficial for relationships.

Cohabitating Couples and Their Preferences

Moving in together can be a step or milestone in relationships. It’s a time to reflect on the past and look forward to what awaits you in the future.

With 85% of Americans believing cohabitation is acceptable, I surveyed 500 cohabitators to see how they’ve adjusted to living with their partner. Take a look at some of the insights I discovered.

Infographic about couples and their cohabitation preferences

What are the Benefits of Cohabiting?

Cohabiting is an increasingly popular choice for couples who have been dating for some time and are considering marriage. It can be a great trial run to see how well you can work together to create a healthy living environment.

Cohabitation has many benefits, including:

  • lower living expenses
  • lower utility costs
  • more time to spend together
  • more time to plan a wedding
  • less risk of divorce

What are the Drawbacks of Cohabiting?

Cohabitation is a popular trend these days. There are many reasons why people choose to live together. Some of them include convenience, lower rent, and getting to know each other better before deciding to get married. However, there are also drawbacks of cohabitating that people need to be aware of before they make the decision.

One drawback is that people who are cohabitating might not be sure if they will stay together in the long run. They might think that it’s a good idea to keep their options open by living with someone else while they explore other relationships. This can lead to feelings of guilt and emptiness when one person decides that he or she wants to end the relationship because they don’t want their partner’s freedom taken away from them anymore.

How to Find a Good Co-Habitat Partner?

When you are looking for a roommate, it is important to look for someone who has similar interests, values, and life goals. A good co-habitant should be someone who will help you achieve your goals and not hinder them. It is also important to find someone who will respect your space and privacy.

There are many different ways people can find a good housemate. One way is by using online platforms such as Craigslist where they can search through hundreds of profiles of potential roommates. Another way is by meeting new people in places like the gym or on the street. You can also use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to make new friends with people in your area.

Man and woman hugging in the entryway of their house

Tips for Moving in and Cohabitating with your Partner

Moving in with your partner can be a great experience. You get to live with your significant other and you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up. However, it can also be challenging for some people. Here are some tips for making the move-in process smoother:

  • Be prepared for the move and discuss what you want to bring and how much space you will need before you start packing.
  • Add a style or element to your place that neither of you have had before. Maybe you look for Venetian blinds to hang, or perhaps you buy standing desks for your home office.
  • Consider how your partner will feel about different things such as pets, food, and friends coming over.
  • Consider how your partner would feel about privacy in the house and what they think needs to be done to maintain it
  • Find ways to make the space your own, even if it’s a smaller space like an apartment. Find unique curtains to hang on the apartment windows. pick a fun paint color, and add plants.
  • Make sure that both of your schedules are taken into consideration when planning who will do what chores around the house.
  • Show your partner how much work you are willing to do around the house. If it is not easy for one partner to cook, get a care package from a local food pantry in your city and cook together
  • Try not to let any arguments or disagreements get out of hand as this can lead to resentment over time.
  • Be sure you communicate and learn how to talk to one another about important issues, such as finances. Who will be paying the rent or mortgage, utility bills, and internet bills?

Something else to keep in mind as you move in with someone is that it’s important to make decisions together, even if they are small. Things like picking out curtains to match your couch or artwork to hang on the wall are great ways to bond and learn new things about one another.


There are many ways to live together as a couple and there is no one best way to do it. The important thing is that you both feel comfortable and happy with the way you are living together.

The first thing to do when living together is to make sure that you have your own space. This can be a room, a study, or even an office. Having your own space will help you feel more independent and it can also help the relationship if one person needs some time alone from time to time.